Rosemarie Russo

City of Moab Sustainability Director

Dr. Rosemarie Russo has taught Global Environmental Change, Sustainability for Business and Municipalities at UC – Boulder and Environmental Law at Thomas Edison State University since 1999. She serves as the Sustainability Director for the City of Moab. She will be launching a free “Green to Gold” Sustainability Business Program for Moab in 2018. She has been a professor, Environmental Chair and Dean for Athletics, Biological and Oceanography. She has worked as an environmental law consultant on Superfund sites. Rosemarie has taught abroad in Central America. She earned a BS in Environmental Science from Rutgers University, an environmental law degree from Vermont Law School and a doctoral degree in Environmental Education. She is a certified comprehensive science teacher and a volunteer backcountry ski ranger. She published her first book “Jumping from the Ivory Tower: Creating Sustainable Communities through Service-Learning” in 2009. Rosemarie was named the National Geographic’s Sustainability Scholar for the Environmental Forum in Aspen.