Moab Bee Inspired Gardens


To inspire efforts toward pollinator health, water conservation, and food and forage systems using gardens, workshops and resources in a way that benefits our community and ecosystems.”

Our Active Team: Jeff Adams (Terrasophia LLC & Canyonlands Watershed Council), Roslynn Brain (USU Extension Sustainability), Claire Core (Resiliency Hub),  Rhonda Gotway Clyde (Easy Bee Farm), Kara Dohrenwend (Wildland Scapes Nursery & Rim to Rim Restoration), Stephanie Hamborsky (Moonflower Coop Community Outreach), Jeremy Lynch (In Transition Permaculture), Ruth Linford (Youth Garden Project), Alizabeth Potucek (Rim to Rim Restoration), Pam Riddle (Bureau of Land Management), Rosemarie Russo (Moab City Sustainability Office).

Bee Inspired Gardens are popping up across Moab, from the Community Rebuilds intern campus to USU Moab. USU Moab’s campus gardens allow for a university sustainability teaching platform for water-wise, pollinator friendly, perennial edible, and native plants. Implementing this type of landscaping will better bridge the university with the community and provide an ongoing public research and teaching space.