Moab Bee Inspired Gardens

To inspire efforts toward pollinator health, water conservation, and food and forage systems using gardens, workshops and resources in a way that benefits our community and ecosystems.”

We recognize the importance of each individual action to help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our community and beyond. As a result, our team developed the following DEI action steps:

    • Acknowledgement that the Moab area and surrounding lands were inhabited, shaped, and cared for by the Ancestral Peubloans, and that Native Americans are still present and an important part of our community (visit Full Circle Intertribal Center for more)
    • Research and share ethnobotanical and Indigenous uses of native plants, including those at the ethnobotanical garden installed by the Resiliency Hub and Moab Community Gardens
    • We have a shared commitment to donate plants, seeds, and harvest from Bee Inspired Gardens and beyond to the Moab Valley Multicultural Center, the Grand County Food Bank, St. Francis Episcopal Church and additional community members in need, as a partnership with Wildland ScapesYouth Garden ProjectMoab Garden Club, and similar groups
    • Provide support for questions about pollinator habitat, water conservation, and food and forage systems through resources developed by Wildland Scapes, connections with Youth Garden Project, and garden mentoring with the Moab Garden Club
    • Continually engage in difficult questions, including “who is part of our team and who is absent?,” “what systemic issues make it difficult for others to engage in our efforts?,” “how are each of us working to overcome systemic racism and other degenerative patterns within us?,” and more. Contact us to join our team, or register your garden through the “Your Garden” tab on our website

Our Active Team: Jeff Adams (Terrasophia LLC), Roslynn Brain McCann (USU Extension Sustainability), Claire Core (Resiliency Hub),  Rhonda Gotway Clyde (Grand Conservation District & Easy Bee Farm), Kara Dohrenwend (Wildland Scapes Nursery & Rim to Rim Restoration), Jeremy Lynch (In Transition Permaculture), Emily Roberson (Youth Garden Project), & Tricia Scott (Moab Garden Club).

Bee Inspired Gardens are popping up across Moab, from Youth Garden Project to USU Moab. USU Moab’s campus gardens allow for a university sustainability teaching platform for water-wise, pollinator friendly, perennial edible, and native plants. Implementing this type of landscaping will better bridge the university with the community and provide an ongoing public research and teaching space.