Jeremy Lynch

In Transition Permaculture

In Transition Permaculture provides home-scale services in Integrated Water Harvesting Design with an emphasis on Rainwater and Wastewater Harvest. We work with homeowners on what we callĀ Personal Watershed Design. This includes an initial consultation, systems design and varying levels of facilitated implementation. Ultimately, we aim to provide our clients with site-specific, financially-attainable water harvesting systems which: (1) Emphasize reduced strain on potable water supplies for non-potable uses; (2) Educate on the potential for utilizing on-site resources to cover majority needs; and (3) Result in monthly or annual savings for the client. We achieve this through a continued focus on ecological design, and by offering the following strategies:

  • Earthworks (design and implementation)
  • Greywater Potential (planning and design)
  • Cistern Storage (assessment and design)

Certifications & Experience:

Certified Rainwater Harvesting Practitioner (Watershed Management Group, Tucson)

Utah State University Permaculture Initiative: USU Rain Gardens Project Management & Design

Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM) Certified

Native Plants Restoration Agent (Moab-based)

Published Literature:

(631) 335-9801