Pollinator Plants & Habitat Resources

The following resources include plant recommendations for key pollinator species in the Intermountain West.

FTD by Design. (2016). How to Attract Butterflies. 

Landis, T.D. (2014). Monarch waystations: Propagating Native Plants to Create Travel Corridors for Migrating Monarch Butterflies. Native Plants Journal, 15(1), 5-16.

Pollinator Partnership & NAPPC. (N.D.). Selecting Plants for Pollinators: A Regional Guide for Farmers, Land Managers, and Gardeners in the Intermountain, Semidesert, and Desert Province. Including the states of Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado.

USU Extension. Nurturing Native Plants: A Guide to Vegetative Propagation of Native Woody Plants in Utah. 

USU Extension. Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond.

Xerces Society. Roadside Plantings for Pollinators.

Department of Natural Resources. Managing Roadsides for Bees and Butterflies.

It is important that pollinators have access to blooming flowers for threes seasons of the year. For a drought-tolerant fall bloom guide visit here.

Wildland Scapes Plant Nursery, Moab UT:

Bees need shallow water to bathe and drink from. Provide them with water in your garden. Instructions here.

Here is a YouTube channel of videos all about how to help pollinators!

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