Water-wise Irrigation Resources

Water-wise irrigation deals with the distribution end of water management by posing the question: How do we best manage water as a resource when designing systems to grow food and other plants? The common example is the comparison between drip-line irrigation and above-ground sprinklers in climates with high evaporative loss. It is up to us to adapt our systems to existing environmental conditions.

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Frandsen, K. & Rupp, L. (2015). Water-Wise Landscaping: Ideas for Landscape Water Conservation Without Changing Your Landscape Design. USU Extension: Horticulture/Landscaping/2015-02pr

Utah State University Extension. Center For Water-Efficient Landscaping.

  • The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) is a research and outreach center designed to improve efficient use of water for landscape irrigation.  The mission of CWEL is to promote water conservation through environmentally, socially, and economically sound landscape management practices.