Kara Dohrenwend

Wildland Scapes, LLC and Rim to Rim Restoration

Kara has a degree in Landscape Architecture with an emphasis on urban stream restoration and drainage, and City Planning from UC Berkeley and is a certified Natural Resource and Conservation Service Technical Service Provider for Pollinator Planning.  She moved to Utah in 1993 after a year and a half in Australia and New Zealand where she first learned about Permaculture.  After a few river seasons and some huge flows in Mill Creek, she started Wildland Scapes as a desert and riparian restoration company.  Over the past 20 years Wildland Scapes installed many larger residential, commercial and civic landscapes in town including City Hall, the Library and Zions Bank, as well as working to remove invasive plants from sensitive areas like Mill Creek, and facilitate native plant regneration.  Most projects have been design build, or have included substantial design revisions to help projects fit better for Moab’s weather and soils. Wildland Scapes currently focuses on growing and supplying plants needed for all kinds of landscapes (from edible to desert revegetation) in SE Utah at our retail location in Moab.

Kara also is associated with Rim to Rim Restoration, a local non profit organization dedicated to the reestablishment of native vegetation and support of sustainable watersheds in the Moab area since 2003.  Rim to Rim focuses on large scale riparian planning and project management, and is developing a native plant research and propagation facility at the old Mayberry Orchard.   Rim to Rim hosts a  Bee Inspired Garden at the Mayberry Native Plant Propagation Center that also serves to test plants for revegetation use and propagation potential, as well as grows local Milkweed and other regionally sourced native plant materials.

Contact Kara:

Email: info@reveg.org

Phone: 435.220.0003